day 200 {goderich}

Today we went to the beach. When we left it was spitting, overcast and miserable. It was that way minus the rain until we were five minutes outside of Goderich. At that point the weather did a 180 and turned into one of the most beautiful days we've had this summer.

On the way there I discovered I need to update my pictures in my wallet. Here's the boys last year on their first trip to the beach:

Owen's on the left and Ethan is on the right.

I wanted Ava to experience Jiffy Pop so I picked some up.

The Jiffy Pop company owes me $3. Twenty minutes later it still looked like this:

So much for that.

Here are some other randoms from today:

Ethan in the swing on the beach:

Owen's footprint on the beach.

Ethan walking with Daddy.

Ethan chasing the seagulls.

Owen lying with me in the shade. This was short-lived. (Thanks to my sister for taking this!)

Ava jumping waves with Auntie M and Uncle Craig.

Auntie M and Ava.

The aftermath of one scoop of bubble gum ice cream. I forgot Ava had never had bubble gum before. I think she ate it.

My mom and dad and my dad's offensive hat. :)

There was a full moon out in the middle of the day. :)

Why do I keep taking pictures of my feet? My feet appear in more pictures than my face. Oh well, I prefer it that way.

The way home:

I have a lot more pictures than this but this is a late enough night as it is. Maybe I'll post some more later in the week. Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Jen, these are awesome pics! Looks like everyone had a great time! We have been waiting for a nice day to go to the beach! Hopefully before the summer is over we'll make it there!
tconlan said…
LOVE your pics! what an amazing day! Going to the beach this weekend, thanks for the inspiration. Tell your Dad to get a new hat and Jiffy Pop? what a disappointment!
Stacey said…
Wonderful, awesom epics! Love the footprint!! That weather sounds like ours....they say in Florida if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes!
Flohbock said…
beautiful beach pics! Have a nice week!
Mari said…
Great shots again! I love the one of the swing from beneath it.