day 201 {wardrobe malfunction}

Sorry for the delay this week. Things have been crazy as I have been playing catch up with my weekly Project 365 layouts, my creative team layouts and I have an article due for the next issue of the Artisan Notebook. I've still been taking my pictures though.

Here are my pictures from Day 201. Few and far between because it was a work day for me. This is Owen just before bedtime. I bought these pajamas (they say "Don't let my size fool you") for the boys just before Christmas and they still don't fit. Five minutes after I put them on him he had transformed it into an off the shoulder number.

And was naked two seconds later.

Other than that, nothing much going on here. Just getting back into the swing of things after a week of vacation. I am frustrated with myself because as much as I hate following the crowd, I find myself listening to Michael Jackson in the car. I fight the crowd as long as I can and then I give in. Case in point my transformation into a New Kids fan and my obsession with Twilight. Resistance is futile I guess and sometimes the crowd is actually right. I find myself listening to this non-stop:

As thrilled as I am to discover that Steve Perry was a part of this I never would have known that was Kenny Loggins in there. I would have put money down on his part being sung by a girl. I also can't help but wonder why Bruce Springsteen always seems to be constipated.

On the weekend I realized the generation gap between myself and Ava. We were driving in the car listening to a Michael Jackson mega mix. I don't know about you, but when I hear the lyrics "ma ma se ma ma sa ma ma coo sa " I immediately think of "Wanna be starting something" by Michael Jackson. When she heard it she screamed out "Rihanna!" recognizing it from "Please don't stop the music".

Thanks for looking!