day 202 {a new game}

Our bedtime process is always a bit different when Jason is on afternoons. Ava is first out of the bath instead of last so she gets mad that she can't play longer. Owen is mad because he wants a bottle. Then I get mad because I try to blowdry Ava's hair and I have one boy trying to pull the plug out of the wall while the other one smashes the blowdryer repeatedly into the side of Ava's head. At this point Ethan was pretty happy and well behaved. Three minutes later he was jumping on the dog and trying to pull the three picture frames in the background off the wall.

We have a new game in our house: push the kitchen table into the living room. Fantastic.

Ava is still having accidents. I gave her trouble for peeing her pants yet again. She got very mad at me and told me "yeah well you look like the wicked queen from Snow White!" It could have been worse. She could have said I look like the old lady with the poison apple.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Haha I love the first picture...Scarlet in the background on the least the dog is getting some rest! Sara
Anonymous said…
Great day of shots and journal. I was laughing at the end pushing tables around. ;-)O and wicked queen.