day 204 {swimming lessons}

Today was a good day. Ava had her second last day of swimming lessons. Today's lesson was in the rain as it was a miserable day weather wise. Here she is rocking her back float. I think she scared herself the first day when she went under the water unexpectedly because she still refuses to dunk her head. She did put her face under so she could look for a weight and bring it to the surface but that's as good as it gets. Oh well. She is enjoying swimming lessons and that's the main thing. She jumps around in the water with a smile on her face the entire time and does all of her floats well so it's still progress.

My new favourite picture of Owen. He was playing with Ava on the kitchen floor with a blanket. He'd sit on the blanket and she'd drag him around. At the time I took this picture he had decided he needed a little rest. The boys eyes are really hard to describe but I am really beginning to think they are more green than anything.

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Congratulations Ava on your swimming. You are doing awesome. Love the picture og Owen. His eyes do look more green in this picture. Hugs to all.