day 207 {shower}

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Today was a good day but the weather was absolutely miserable. My mom and I headed to Oakville for my cousin's wedding shower. We met at my sister's place. I had new pictures for my children's godmothers:

My cousin Erica is godmother to Ethan and my sister Melissa is godmother to Ava and Owen.

In the parking garage on the way to the shower:

My beautiful cousin Alexandra. She is getting married in October.

Another important thing that happened today? A milestone was celebrated. Look what happened one year ago today:

Happy anniversary Melissa & Craig!

Thanks for looking!

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3 Responses to “day 207 {shower}”

Flohbock said...

I am pleased that its a beautiful day for you wedding had! All the best!

Mari said...

I like your parking garage photo! Happy anniversary to your sister!

Karen E. said...

Jen, you must follow a different calendar. It can't be a year since Craig and Melissa's wedding!!! Happy 1st to them!