day 209 {tractors}

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today was a great day. I got out of the office and got to do a photoshoot for work. Francesco and I went to Exeter to take pictures of sprayers and soybean fields. I can't show you the pictures from the shoot because they are for client work but here are some random shots I took wandering around.

To give you an idea how huge the tires were on the sprayer we were shooting, look at how small my feet are.

It was a great day. Sunshine for once (it is thundering and lightning as I write this) and I think the temperature got up around 28ish which is a rarity this summer.

Thanks for looking!

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3 Responses to “day 209 {tractors}”

tconlan said...

your pics are beautiful!!! How awesome to get to shoot them at work! You have such an amazing eye!

Sujomi said...

These are great. I think I like the chain the best. And how cool that you got to do that for work!

lifeislikeasmile said...

Cool photos Jen I like your shoes they look cute!