day 211 {finger puppets}

Today was another crazy day. The boys climbed and threw anything and everything they could find. Ava and I got a break at naptime thank goodness. She played with finger puppets and then we made Banana-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies using a recipe I found posted on List Girl's blog. Thanks Todd!

Another day, another game. I was sitting at the kitchen table and wondered why the boys were suddenly so tall as everything they could climb or use as a ladder was hidden in the kitchen. They were using the truck straps around the entertainment centre as a tight rope and trying to stuff things in the vcr. (I followed the colour coding today. That's Ethan in blue.)

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
OMG Jen. The picture of the boys climbing to activate the DVD player is TOO MUCH!! They certainly can use those little feet, legs and arms to explore. Put them in gymnastics classes! Hope I am alive in 2024 to watch them compete in the Olympics!!! Love the pics of Ava and the finger puppets. Looks like she is enjoying playing with them.
Mari said…
What cute shots of Ava! The picture of the boys is hilarious - I think you are in trouble!