day 214 {cupcakes}

Today Nana and I made cupcakes with Ava. Kim at work gave me the coolest recipe for something called Cupcake Pops. On Saturday we bought everything to make the regular ones in both chocolate and white cake. We also bought everything we needed to make the adorable Hello Kitty ones.

After lunch we got to work making the cakes. Somebody got to lick the beaters:

The next step was crumbling the cake until it was like sand. Ava loved this part.

Then we added the cream cheese frosting. I could have sat there with a spoon and killed the whole container but I didn't.

Four hours later they were ready to eat. Ava had long given up and my mom and I had abandoned both the sticks (they kept ripping through the cupcakes) and the chocolate dipped bottoms. We ended up with a result that was slightly odd looking and nothing at all like the pictures on the Bakerella blog but we had a lot of fun.

I think the next time I would go the fridge route (we did the faster freezer method) and I would have dipped them the following day. Overall it was fun and if I could perfect the process a bit, I could see myself making them again as they were really cute and there are so many different ideas on the Bakerella blog. Thanks Kim for the info!

The other big news of the weekend? I bought size 4 jeans on Saturday at Old Navy. Here are my 4's lined up with jeans of bootys past: 6, 8, 10, and 12. The cost of one pair of size 4 jeans? $39.50 (minus a 30% coupon).

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Awesome cupcake pops! I saw these on Heather Ann Designs blog ( a few weeks ago and thought how cool they would be to make! She has some tips for making them. They would be perfect for a birthday party!!

Love the jean photo!! Way to go on the weight loss!