day 219 {late night timmy's}

Today was another busy day at work. Lots of stuff going on and a mountain of emails to get through. By the time I got home the boys were in bed. Ava and I had a little visit while she watched Franklin and we had some Timmy's together. I had a tea and Ava had her favourite - a blueberry bloom donut. Not a particularly interesting picture, but one of only a few I took today. It only takes one to keep this whole project 365 going so today was one of those bare minimum kind of days. Tomorrow there will be no shortage of pictures because the kids are finally getting their hair cut.

Oh and tonight I got some GREAT news. My friend Vicki is expecting TWINS!!! Congratulations Vicki and Dan! Welcome to the twins club.

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
All the best getting haircuts. Can't wait to see the pictures. Congratulatons to your friends Vicki and Dan! Double the trouble BUT double the pleasure!