day 220 {haircuts}

Today was a great day. The kids all got haircuts at my friend Sheila's new hair salon.

Owen went first:

Ethan went second:

And Ava went last:

Other stuff happened while we were there.

The boys ran all over the place and my mom and I were in chase mode the entire time:

Mom and Owen apparently played rock, paper, scissors at one point:

And apparently Owen is a "leg man".

Ava was very excited about her new haircut.

and got a treat for being good.

Then I finished up the day by getting together with some friends from high school which leads me to my next post.

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Like the new haircuts! Ava cut is awesome! Sheila's new place looks fabulous. Looks as if you managed a huge feat again. Congrats!