day 222 {anniversary}

Monday, 10 August 2009

Today was our seven year wedding anniversary. I didn't see Jason today as he is on afternoon shift and wasn't up when I left for work. Then by the time I got home he had already left for work. So this is what I took a picture of - our wedding picture hanging on the wall.

A simple picture, but it tells a lot. Before we had climbing kids, we had end tables. One used to sit under this picture. Toys were nowhere to be found. Jason had a lot more hair and I didn't have stretch marks. Fast forward seven years and three children later. The end tables are in the basement with three year's worth of dust on them and this picture has been almost ripped off the wall more times than I can count. :)

My other picture of the day - my mom reading "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch to Owen and Ava. Good thing she can. That is one book I can't read without sobbing through the entire second half.

And that was it for today. Thanks for looking and happy anniversary Jason!

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7 Responses to “day 222 {anniversary}”

Sheri said...

Happy 7 year Anniversary Jen & Jason!!

Flohbock said...

a very nice mood

KC Stamps said...

Happy Anniversary Jen & Jason.

I can't believe it's been 7 years already!

Karen, Mike, Kayla & Buddy

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary :):) and I agree about the book and sobbing, but I love it :):) Enjoy and woooo hooooooooo !!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that book too. About 5 years ago my kids made me a build a bear teddy. He has a chip with their voices recorded, on at a time saying "I love you forever..." Needless to say, I cried!

Lucy Corrander said...

Then, eventually . . . the tables will start creeping back . . .


Sujomi said...

Happy Anniversary!