day 224 {r.i.p. cordless mouse}

Another bad day. I was carrying the laptop up the stairs and my arm got caught on the babygate causing me to lose my balance. Even though I've lost 20 lbs, the weight that remains was no match for the flimsy little cordless mouse receiver that sticks out of the USB port. Cost of one replacement midnight blue cordless optical USB mouse? $41.04. :(

Ava was into her stickers again, sticking them all over the place. Here's Swiper on the kitchen table:

A star on my t-shirt:

And the babygate on the stairs has a pile of them.

Beyond that I didn't take many pictures today. I don't know if I'm in a rut or it's that the kids are driving me crazy. I put three toys away and they pull out ten. I turn my head and they are throwing bottles at me. Ethan hit me in the head with two of them tonight. Guess what happened when he did that? BEDTIME.

That's it for today. Time to go to bed and start it all over again tomorrow. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Glad it was just the mouse and not the laptop!
Sujomi said…
I know all about sticker discovery, usually after I have washed and dried the item of clothing, as well as the "toys put away to toys taken out" ratio. It's never in my favor either!
Tara said…
wow a rough day, sorry to hear ...... on the up side, you didn't fall = priceless ;) and I would think the next bottle that hits you should go in the garbage and once they are done it is cup time :) ... maybe they have discovered their own way to transition :) .... hugs you are amazing :)