day 226 {retail therapy}

Today was a good day. Work was good and Carrie and I got out to Old Navy at lunch to check out the sales (sale alert - $25 jeans, $2 tank tops...). Which brings me to my tip of the day. You know these things:

Well I never cut them off because let's face it - I'm lazy. I never thought anything of it because I figured they've been de-magnetized and the first time through the washer would destroy it anyway. Not the case as I found out when I walked through the doors of Old Navy wearing the new jeans I bought two weeks ago. Going into the store I had no problems but the alarm went off the second I tried to leave. Turns out the dryer can reactivate them. Anyway, it was mortifying but Carrie got a good laugh. :)

Here's Owen eating a chocolate eclair at dinner. He was putting on a show for my mom and dad. This is one of the main differences between the boys. Owen is quite the showman and ladies' man. Ethan is shy and more reserved.

18 years and I still miss you like crazy. Love you Gramps. xo

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
We don't have those tags here, but if they ever come here, I'll know to cut them off! Thanks for the laugh!
Anonymous said…
Not a day goes by that I don't think of
They would have enjoyed your little ones.
Thanks for Friday it made that day very special.
Love Mom
tconlan said…
Soo funny about the tag, I've definitely found some I forgot to remove! Love the chocolatey pics and the sweet memory of your grandfather - :)