day 231 {cousins}

Today was a busy one. I finally got another picture I've been meaning to get. Every morning I get the kids up, I get them their breakfast and if I'm not working that day, I sit down to eat some breakfast. My usual choice? A bowl of Raisin Bran. Let's face it - it's hardly a sexy breakfast cereal but I've always loved it. I think it was the ridiculous lumberjack commercial from the 80s that sucked me in. Speaking of which I tried to find a clip of it on youtube. BIG MISTAKE. The search pulled up a couple of things that make me think I may never eat Raisin Bran again. Ew.

Anyway, back to our routine. I get my cereal, sit down to catch up on Days of Our Lives (lately an episode takes a whopping three minutes to watch) and the second I sit down I have three kids on top of me trying to steal the raisins out of my bowl (Owen's in the front).

We had visitors today - my sister-in-law and nieces came for a visit and an overnight sleep over. The girls had so much fun playing together and spent a good chunk of the evening outside. Then they spent much of the night wide awake. The three year olds outlasted the six year old and didn't stop talking and laughing until 1:30 am only to be wide awake at 7:30 am. Stay tuned for the aftermath pictures tonight.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
what a cute picture of the girls on the trampoline, it looks like they had fun! Sara
Karen E. said…
I agree with Sara. Thanks for posting!