day 233 {the game}

Sale alert...v-neck and crew neck t-shirts on sale at Old Navy....$3

Since losing weight, none of my clothes fit me. Everything is far too big so I've been re-building my wardrobe bit by bit. A pair of jeans here, a few t-shirts there... I've been on the Old Navy mailing list for a while and kind of paid attention to them, but the last three weeks they have had really fantastic deals. IF you know how to play the game properly, which Carrie and I figured out last week.

Here's the scoop: the t-shirts are on sale today only for $3 each. First of all, good luck getting anywhere near the table because women during sales can be vicious. Secondly, good luck finding your size and the style you want. But, if you go to the store the day before and find out exactly which t-shirts are going to be on sale you can buy them and then get the difference back the next day (and only the next day while the sale is on). Old Navy calls it a price adjustment and do them all the time. It is totally legit.

Here are some of today's purchases - 4 v-neck t-shirts. $28 yesterday, but only $12 today by the time I get my money back. And that my friends is how you play the game. :)

I should also add that the end of the day today marks the beginning of a week of vacation. My plan? To read the Time Traveler's Wife and to start my jogging career. We'll see how long the jogging thing lasts but at least I will be properly attired in my new yoga pants. We'll also see if I have the guts to wear them out of the house without a massive t-shirt over them.

My last picture for the day is of my little Ava who is suddenly obsessed with wearing clips in her hair. And not just one - lots of them.

That was it for today. Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
We also play that game :) It's great! I am not at the point where I can buy new clothes yet, still have 9 lbs more to go and then I'll be looking for some good deals :)
Tara said…
oh Jen :) Ava is absolutely adorable, I might have to get her to teach me her clip tricks, I love her look :):) oh what fun :):)