day 236 {haircut}

Vacation: Day 3. I got a haircut. That was the most exciting part of the day.

The only other thing that happened was I made the most delicious cookies ever: Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They look absolutely disgusting but they are so good. Lesson learned - I mixed them too long and that's why they are flat and look terrible. They are supposed to look like this.

Oh well. I'll just have to make more and not mix the hell out of the next ones. Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Very sweet pic of you and Ava - she's growing up so fast! Did mom tell you that Ava came to the school for a visit? She was hilarious! I could listen to her for hours! She said her alphabet today and pointed to the letters on my chalkboard at the same time. She never ceases to amaze me!
Karen E. said…
Always great to get a haircut! Those cookies look yummy like they are! Enjoy.