day 237 {sparklers}

Day four of vacation was a day of errands and odd jobs around the house. For two kids that throw the majority of their food to the dog, my sons are two of the messiest eaters I have ever seen. Ava helped me hose down their high chairs.

Check out the caterpillar Ava drew. Not bad at all.

Ava and I played on the trampoline. Here she is racing me to it carrying her bear.

Ava begged me earlier in the week to see fireworks. We got sparklers instead and I took pictures using this tutorial. Not bad for a first attempt considering we only had 8 sparklers to play with. Ava and I are going to try again so I can make some necessary exposure modifications . Anyway, here's Ava:

And here's me:

My attempt to spell MOM but I ran out of room. It's too bad. This would have been very cool.

And that was it. A nice way to end day 237. On taps for tomorrow? Banana bread and Pizzookies. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
The sparkler writer is cool! Tell Ava she did great on her caterpillar too!
Melissa said…
Oh my goodness, Jen! I am so impressed with Ava's skills! I can't believe that she isn't starting school yet - she's brilliant! Love the sparkler shots, too! Can't wait to see more!
Karen E. said…
Love the caterpillar Ava! Will you draw one for me please? Sparkler pictures aare fabulous! Thanks for sharing!