day 240 {science centre}

Today we went to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. I haven't been there in years and Ava has never been. We thought it would be a fun outing and a good chance for Ava to spend time with her aunt and cousins.

This was one of the Kidspark areas for children under the age of 8.

There was a cool marketplace where the kids could pick out their own groceries and then carry them to the checkout. What amazed me about the place was how it functioned with little to no instruction to the kids. The kids ran the cash registers and shared the baskets and carts and they put all of the groceries away when they were done. I didn't see one fight either. It was pretty cool to see complete strangers playing together and following the rules. Think Lord of the Flies before they whacked Piggy lol.

I wish.

Ava's legs in the same mirror:

Hey look - it's me 20 lbs ago.

Ovary hotline. How may I help you?

This was the funniest thing I saw all day. The Human Body area was full of phones where you could pick up the receiver and hear all about different things. I think Ava and Natalia covered every one of the phones in the reproductive area. I looked over and saw them standing under a massive set of ovaries and I just had to take this picture.

Ava playing the steel drums. Nana Great would be so proud. :)

Ava making something go up and down (how right brained did that sound?):

Aunt Jen trying to keep her contact lenses from flying out of her eyes.

The lizards and snakes exhibit.

I couldn't believe it when Ava turned to me and told me she wanted to see a snake.

Other randoms from the day included Ava and Natalia running in the Science Centre,

Ava playing in the fountain at the front entrance, Natalia was quite attached to Uncle Jason,

the two little miners after a trip to the gift shop and us at the front entrance.

Here's Natalia looking for airplanes near the airport on the way home.

That was it. It was a fun day. Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Looks like everyone had an awesome day! Lots of fun things to experience. Can't wait to see the little miners!
Anonymous said…
Great Pics Jen! I like the little miner hats, so cute. Sara
Flohbock said…
I like to join such shows!