day 241 {mini me}

Sorry everyone - playing catch up a bit. Things have been pretty busy but I've still been taking my pictures.

Here is our Saturday, day 241. In the morning, Ava and I headed out to Timmy's to pick up breakfast for the three members of our household who do not feed our meals to the dog. It was a lazy day so were in fat pants mode as we headed out in our matching duds:

She is such a mini-version of me. We both like tea

and she takes it exactly like me with two milk and two sugar.

Wow. That was totally unexciting wasn't it? It's not going to get better for this week's pictures. It's been a tough week for me with little inspiration to be found. :(

One more picture from Saturday. Ava went to a sleepover at my parents' house. The miner's hat is quickly becoming a regular fashion accessory.

Thanks for looking!