day 242 {reading}

Another quiet day at home. I finally really got into The Time Traveler's Wife. I would end up finishing it Tuesday night. I will refrain from giving my review of it except to say I give it a big meh. Is it worth reading? In short, yes, because really it was good in parts if you can get past the first 100 pages or so. Beyond that I won't say anything for those of you who still want to read it or see the movie. Do I still want to see the movie? I think so.

Anyway, here's Ethan helping me read. Reading didn't last long in the morning with So You Think You Can Dance blasting in the background and the boys sitting in my lap trying to slap the book out of my hands

and chewing on my slippers (he stopped briefly to smile).

Later in the day I made banana bread with two willing helpers. They might actually be useful if they didn't climb on the counter and sit in the middle of it. On that note I have to say that I have been converted. No more banana bread with shortening for me. This recipe rocks.

That was it for Sunday. Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
I'm on page 350ish and honestly, I still not that into it. It's interesting but not exciting my any means. I'm actually surprised that I am still reading it.