day 245 {go big or go home}

It was boot camp night after a very poor lunch choice. Poor as in it was absolutely delicious but bad, bad, bad diet wise. I had a Swiss Chalet Summer Sensation because I love the cucumber tomato salad. Why is that bad you ask? Although I didn't eat the pie, it becomes really bad the second you upgrade your fries to a poutine. A great picture for today would have been my face when the girl behind the counter said "that will be $17 please". FOR ONE PERSON?! Unbelievable. But worth it because it was delicious.

As a result of the above, it was boot camp night. Mom and I did just under 4 km of power walking and we jogged a bit of it. Then I ran home from her house. Not far if you know where my parents live in relation to our house, but considering I used to get winded running from my car to the house in the rain it's pretty impressive.

That's it and I guess that brings me up to date for this week. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
I like the picture! So simple, but it says a lot!