day 249 {fireworks}

Today was a great day with lots of stuff going on. I spent the morning baking cookies. These ones are White & Chocolate Chunk Butterscotch Cookies. I finally had some success and they turned out looking close to the pictures. Keys to success: A. cookie scoop and B. parchment paper.

But the big question you are probably asking yourself is were they any good? Survey says:

Not bad (this is Owen by the way). Personally I could have done without the butterscotch chips, but they aren't bad when heated up in the microwave.

Then Ava and I had some running around to do so I took her to Tim Hortons. She asked for a tea and she wanted to drink it inside. She looked so cute so I busted out the camera phone. Pose one:

Pose two. Who taught her this? I've never been called a loser by a three year old before.

Then we were off to Jenn & Geoff's trailer. The kids threw rocks off this dock and didn't fall in thank god. Thanks Jenn & Betty-Anne for your fantastic supervisory skills. :)

Owen charming the ladies:

The sunset. The little flashes of light in the darkness there are pimped out golf carts believe it or not. People were driving around in golf carts decked out with Christmas lights and glow in the dark things tied to them. They even had a parade around the park at the end of the night. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of them but it was entertaining to watch. ;)

Roasting marshmallows around the campfire:

Then later on we went to the fireworks display. Since people are my thing, shots like this take a lot of fiddling for me because they are out of my comfort zone. I was finally getting somewhere and the show was over. :( One shot I didn't get but would have loved was Ava sitting to the left of me on the sleeping bag with her hands over her ears and Owen (this was his first fireworks display) sitting in my lap with his hands over his eyes. It was hilarious. :)

It was a great day. Big thanks to the Reed and Samuel families. :) Thanks for looking!