day 250 {labour day}

Another great day and the weather was fantastic again. First picture of the day is of my mom and dad. Yesterday was their 34th wedding anniversary. This should have been yesterday's picture but we didn't get a chance to see them. Happy anniversary Mom & Dad! :)

First order of business after a 4km power walk with mom? Swimming. Check out my reserved child jumping in the pool:

The expression on his face in the second picture kills me.

The swimming was a huge hit. Thanks John & Barb! :)

After that Ava and I picked vegetables in Grandma's garden (thank you!):

Ava playing on the tractor:

The last picture of the day is of my hydrangea plant out front. It didn't bloom at all last year and the outlook is not so hot for this year too. This is the only bloom it has. :(

And that was it. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Love that expression too! Nice shots of the veggies too. The hydrangea is pretty - give it another shot. :(
You Mom looks far too young to be married for 34 years!
Thanks, Mari! My mom saw your post and she is THRILLED. :) You're right though - I don't think she looks like she's old enough to be married that long either.