day 252 {stepping it up}

So today marked the beginning of walking twice a day. I met my mom at the corner at 7 am sharp and we walked 4 km in 35 minutes. It was great! I can already notice an improvement as some areas are starting to feel more toned.

The other good news? I had my photo of the day taken by 7:40 am. After our walk we drove to Tim Hortons for a tea and I went back to a spot on our route and snapped this. I've been too busy to notice, but the leaves have started to change colour and fall from a few of the trees in town.

The same spot on our route last night at 7 pm.

Owen checking out the big excavators parked in the new subdivision we walked through. That's my mom up ahead pushing Ava in her own stroller. Just before I took this picture Ava told my mom "Nana. You're 'upposed to stop walking when I see a rock I like." As I type this I have 10 leaves and 10 rocks sitting on the counter that she picked last night on our walk.

And the hysteria begins. Ava has been watching the arena parking lot very closely this week. The fall fair is this weekend and the rides have started to arrive. Two more sleeps until the fall fair.

Paging John Hagarty: Scrambler. Friday. 8 pm. Be there or be square. :)

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
So what's Arthur got, 3 rides this year? LOL!

Great photos. I can't believe the leaves are changing already. It's sad.
There are five rides but she's so excited you'd think there were 40.

I can't believe there are leaves on the ground already. I love fall but we haven't had much of a summer!