day 253 {fall fair preparation}

Today was a busy day with lots going on. First order of business today was getting Ava's entries ready for the fall fair:

Here's Ava's button necklace for the fair. Everything is entered and ready for judging. Tomorrow night we go back to see how she did. One more sleep until the fall fair.

Paging John Hagarty: The Scrambler is setup and ready to go. Bring your crash helmet. We're going through the curling club wall for sure this year. It looks more questionable than it did last year.

The boys had a checkup and their next round of shots. There's still exactly a pound difference between them which isn't surprising when you pick them up as Owen is significantly lighter. (This is Janet the nurse's beautiful writing on the paper on the exam table.) Janet weighed Ava and she is 36.5 lbs and 41.25" tall.

After that, the day went to hell. The kids drove me crazy for the rest of the day. The boys were on the dining room table. They tried to pull the Tassimo machine off the counter. They played hide and seek in the curtains. They tried to pull the blinds down in the living room. They turned the satellite receiver on and off a million times. Every time they found something to use to climb I took it away. Eventually they moved on to stuff I couldn't move. They climbed the subwoofer and tried to pull our wedding picture off the wall. As Ava was finishing up her painting for the fair Owen grabbed it and ran off with it. Scarlett stole Ava's garlic bread right out of her hand at dinner. They hit the dog. They teased the dog. Ava showed them how to slide a dining room chair over, climb on it and use it to somersault over the back of the couch. They tackled me and pulled my hair when I tried to sit down on the couch for a rest after dinner. They jumped on Ava and beat her up. She beat them up right back.

While they gave each other a run for their money, the craziest and most challenging child continues to be Ethan. I started the bath water while Ethan and Ava played in the hallway. As I changed Owen's diaper I heard a huge splash. I ran to the bathroom to find Ethan sitting in the middle of the bathtub with his clothes on.

Bath time continued to be a circus. Ethan's new game? Cannonballs in the bathtub. He jumps in the air and lands on his bum soaking me and everything else around him. Owen's new game? Climbing using the hand railing.

You have no idea how incredibly thankful I am that tomorrow is a work day. Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
No wonder you were selling the kids yesturday. They sure were a handful.
Karen E. said…
Sorry that i stopped in and added to the confusion :(
Mari said…
I must say that the craziness netted some pretty cute pictures!
Yep it was a crazy day. Karen - you are ALWAYS welcome. It was so nice to see you. Thanks for the visit. You gave me a moment of sanity. :)