day 254 {the parade}

Tonight was the start of the 2009 Fall Fair. It always starts with a parade on the Friday night. We always head there wondering how the kids are going to make out as the firetrucks start the parade and the sirens are pretty loud. Case in point Ava three years ago:

Not the case with the boys thank goodness. They're fascinated with them. Here's Ethan:

And here's Owen:

As you can see, Ava grew to love parades the second she realized that parades = candy.

Me with my boys (photo by my mom):

Some guy doing a burnout:

I have no idea who this kid is but he is amazing. He was riding down the street on his unicycle in his Charlie Chaplin hat giving people high fives. He was quite the showman. I saw him walking around at the fair after with a first place ribbon later on in the night. Well deserved in my opinion.

From there we were off to the midway. I really lucked out with this picture because the sunset was pretty cool:

The mighty Scrambler lol. Ready for the 2nd annual "if this car detaches will we survive" 8 pm ride with John:

First we had to check to see the results. Here's Ava's button necklace which won 2nd place. She also got a third place ribbon for her painting along with honourable mention ribbons for her colouring book picture and drawing of her hand. Yay Ava!

Grandad won a snake for Ava at the basketball throw:

Ava and Auntie M shared a cotton candy:

The Scrambler car did not detach thank god. Thanks John! Same time, same place next year. :) Big thanks to my dad for lowering his standards and shooting with a Canon camera. ;)

My sister and I both had mid-life crisises. We wore these uniforms in our high school marching band. We wore the ones on the left. The REALLY old people must have worn the ones on the right. ;)

It was a fun night and a late one for the kids. Here are the boys crashed in their stroller at 10:30 when we got home. Check out Owen with his hands behind his head. Which by the way does not look like Owen at all to me. If I hadn't put the boys in the stroller myself I would have sworn that was Ethan in the back and Owen in the front. Not the case.

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Looks like fun times at the fair. I laughed out loud looking at the band costumes. You certainly aren't ready for the Historical Society!
Karen E. said…
Way to go Ava. You did awesome work. Like the ribbons! Geat pictures Jen. The sleeping boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks ladies!

Mari - I was surprised too. I didn't think I was that old yet. Mind you, I think those band uniforms have been around since the beginning of time.

CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!!! We saw last night that you cleaned up in the vegetable and photography categories! Jason and Melanie did fantastic too. Congratulations! I knew you would both do well. :)