day 255 {the midway}

Today the fair was in full swing so we took the kids down to the midway so Ava could show her daddy the ribbons she won. First order of business through the gate? Cotton candy.

The boys aren't tall enough to go on the rides so only Ava was riding. Until the man running the ride opened the gate and talked to her at which point she ran away. About an hour later she found out I could take her in and put her in the rocketship and all was right with the world again. She went on it twice. Price per ticket: $1.50. Number of tickets per ride: 2.

A terrible picture of her on the ride but whatever. They can't all be interesting.

Leaving the fair. Ava was not impressed to be leaving and I had to grab her off this fence three times.

As you can tell she was not amused. Didn't want to ride in her umbrella stroller. Refused to walk on the sidewalk. Everything was a fight and it wasn't a fun walk home.

Here's my little Owen, or my little prince as I like to call him. This is his messy adorable little face after dinner compliments of the Lions Club food booth. He has a smile that can light up a room. His whole face brightens and I can't help but smile back every single time.

I'll leave you tonight with Ava's new favourite song. Here's a little known fact: I've seen Keith Urban in concert twice. Both times I was pregnant, so each of the kids have heard him in utero. Tonight I explained to Ava that she went to a Keith Urban concert in my belly. She said where? Under your shirt? I told her no, you were inside my body. BAD IDEA. I should have seen where this conversation was leading because she turned to me and asked "how did I get out of your belly?" Uh oh. I told her I'd explain it to her when she's older and she was happy with that. Thank god. I'm not ready for that discussion.

Anyway, this is her favourite song that she sang along to sitting on my lap before bed:

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Those are cute pics of both kids - even Ava being unhappy!
Flohbock said…
great pictures! Have a nice week!