day 258 {unbelievable}

About a month and a half ago, I bought a really nice black dress shirt from Old Navy. I went to wear it to work this morning and discovered it is now way too big. So at lunch Carrie and I headed to Old Navy to find a smaller size. My jeans have been feeling kind of big so I decided what the hell - I would try on one size smaller. They fit. I wish I had a video clip of the expression on my face as well as the crazy dance I did in the change room. Size two. Unbelievable.

So here's my pep talk for today. I had several people tell me that there was no way that I would get my pre-baby body back by just walking. I would need to work out. That is TOTALLY WRONG. I have lost 22 lbs. and dropped five sizes in less than 5 months. I worked out one time and I hated it. I was sore for several days afterward.

Here's what I did:

- I walked almost every day. FAST. I listened to fast music on my iPod and I pushed myself to go as fast as I could. If I got home and I couldn't feel my muscles in my legs pulsing, I hadn't walked fast enough. Now five months later, I am walking 4 km twice a day.

- I never ate after 7 or 8 pm.

- I didn't snack. I ate at regular mealtimes.

- I cut back on the amount of food I ate. I ate smaller portions and I cut back one sugar in my tea. If I ate a large lunch, I ate a small dinner.

- I weighed myself every single day. I have heard a lot of people say this is not a good thing to do. I disagree and so does my family doctor. After you've been weighing yourself for a while you get to the point where you know whether you've gain/lost or remained the same before you step on the scale. If you are up that day, you keep that in mind when you eat that day and you walk a little harder that night. If you've lost a pound then you know you are doing well. I would rather get on the scale every day and monitor my weight closely than to stand on it after a week has passed and find out I gained 5 pounds since I weighed in the week before.

Anyway, this is what worked for me and I thought I would share the story behind today's picture. Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Way to go! Fantastic and Congratulations!!
Rochelle said…
You Rock Jen! I'm still on my way and trying to lose weight. But I have a lot to loose. I've been slacking a little bit lately, but reading your post and watching the Biggest Loser tonight (good old Ali), I'm determined to get back on track tomorrow. Congrats on a size 2!!

My mom lost a ton of weight the same way. She walked every day and and then basically cut her big meals in half. That's all it took for her to lose 50 pounds!
Sheri said…
Way to go Jen!!! Thanks for sharing your story! You've been an inspiration to me in my weight loss, as I am sure you have been to many of your other blog readers :)
Anonymous said…
Good work Jennifer you are certainly an inspiration to me.4 km a day does take a lot of time and dedication though. I need that music to walk hope it isn't too wild. Poor Tia is going to have to keep up.

KC Stamps said…
Way to go Jen!

We're really proud of you baby!!!

Mari said…
Hooray for you. Thanks for telling us what worked for you too.
listgirl said…
Jennifer I am so happy for you! Way to go! Wow, a size 2?! I'm just trying to get back to size 4. Thanks for the tips on walking fast and eating less. I think I may give walking fast a try. Running is hard on your body sometimes. You know you should be SO very proud of yourself for the self-discipline, right?
Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your comments. It's amazing what wonders a lifestyle change can do. I think the thing that brought the most success was all of the walking. I never got the feeling that I was on a "diet" and I think that's what made it achievable. :)