day 260 {ava goes to the dentist}

Today was a much better day. Aunt Karen came over to watch the boys (thank you Aunt Karen!) and Ava and I were off to the dentist. Every time we go to Mount Forest I laugh my head off at the sign. The first thing that comes to mind when I see the word "high" is not elevation. Talk about generation gap. This sign was obviously decided on at a senior citizen's meeting.

After my teeth cleaning it was Ava's turn. It was her first time at the dentist and she was amazing. Many times I have gone to the dentist and heard kids screaming and freaking out on their first visit, so I was prepared for the worst. She was fantastic. I can't believe how grown up she looks sitting in the dentist's chair:

The report back was excellent - perfectly spaced, white teeth. :)

The dentist's reward for such a great checkup? A Dora toothbrush and a Barbie sticker. Both very big hits.

Mommy's reward for a great checkup? Sugar.

Did you hear a loud thud at lunchtime? That was the sound of me falling off the wagon. What a way to go though: a teen burger and the best onion rings you will ever find. Delicious. Grams of fat in a teen burger and onion rings: 54. YIKES. Number of three year olds spazzing in the drive thru because I ordered her an apple juice instead of a chocolate milk: 1.

I know I joke about my boys being bad. They're not really bad, they're just very, very busy. I spend a lot of time taking pictures of the crazy things they do and rarely capture the moments of them being little angels (because seriously they are few and far between lately). Here are some pictures that really show the boys' personality at this age. They have become very affectionate and are paying more attention to each other and I love it. (Ethan's in the burgundy, Owen's in the grey with the tie.)

In moments like this I love them even more. They almost make up for the fact that they were doing this five seconds later:

Swing away Owen. I have always hated that light anyway. ;)

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
You are certainly welcome Jen. Thanks for lunch. The boys were a lot of fun. I really learned more about them as individuals. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. They had "kisses" to share with each other when I was there too. So adorable. I am not certain that I can say the same about Ava's blue tongue ;)