day 261 {ni hao, kai-lan}

An uneventful day. I was back to work and the babysitter was home with the kids. Once again the boys tried to use the high chairs as jungle gyms.

Only two pictures for today. My rose of sharon is in bloom with dozens of flowers on it. This was the only flower that was still in good shape as the rest have started to die. Later in the night we would get a heavy frost, so this flower is most likely toast today. :(

Ava got a new book from Nana & Grandad - a Ni Hao, Kai-Lan book. This is Ava's favourite tv show. Same idea as Dora where they teach you how to count and say basic words in another language, except it's in Japanese. I watched it once and I was lost. The day I watched they were teaching numbers. Spanish, French, Italian, English - all of the numbers sound somewhat the same. Japanese? Not so much.

Thanks for looking!