day 262 {josh & andrea}

Today was a busy and long day. Nana came over to help us get going this morning.

Ava taught Owen "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" at the breakfast table

followed by "Pat-a-Cake".

Then my mom tried to read the kids a story which is hard to do when all the boys want to do is knock the book out of your hands:

Then I was off to do a wedding with my dad. It was a beautiful wedding and I felt very inspired, so it was a great afternoon and evening. Here are some shots I took:

The wedding was at my church (and yes - it is still my church even if I only go there at Christmas and Easter...). You can't beat a big old Catholic Church with a centre aisle for weddings. There's just something about the first picture below that I liked. The bride was pretty nervous and was hiding off to the side so the groom wouldn't see her in the open doorway. This was a quiet moment she had with her dad just before they started up the aisle. There's just something about the light and them standing there quietly with their heads down. Probably my favourite picture of the day.

A small break and a warm up beverage with my dad before the group shots. This is my dad's orange pekoe bag tea which by his estimation is better than the steeped tea ::cough cough:: whatever ::cough cough:: . It tastes the same to me. It's definitely a lot hotter but that's the only difference I can see. ;)

Random shots just wandering around doing my thing:

Meet Morty, the bride and groom's dog. He had on a tux with tails and a bowtie. :)

The bride wore her grandmother's shoes and I have to say that the groom's ring is one of the nicest I have seen. The picture really doesn't do it justice:

Anyway, just a small sampling as I have hours of editing ahead of me for the rest. Congratulations Josh & Andrea! Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Beautiful wedding shots!