day 263 {car shopping}

Today was a busy day. Ava and I had a Stampin' Up party at my mom's house (thanks ladies!) and then we were off to do something I thought we wouldn't be doing again for a long time: car shopping. The RAV4 is headed for major repairs, so it's time to trade it in unfortunately. We don't have much of a choice.

First we had dinner. We ate in the restaurant which is an event for us. We rarely do it and I remembered why three seconds through the door. First we need two available high chairs so I have to run in and check first. Ethan is crazy and constantly stands up. When he's not doing that he tries to chew on the edge of the table. When he's not doing that, he and Owen kick off their shoes. So you have to chase four shoes. And during all of this, Ava's taking advantage of the fact that we're distracted and instead of eating her chicken fingers, she's eating condiments. Anyway, dinner out isn't relaxing, but I didn't have to cook. Awesome.

Then it was off to three Toyota dealerships to check things out. We've got it narrowed down to four different options. Option 1: Pros: sporty, cheaper, fuel efficient. Cons: very similar to my parents' car (not a con for me, but maybe for them), hard to go back to a car when you are used to sitting higher up in a sport utility and a van, can't fit three car seats.

Option 2: Pros: heated seats = warm bum in the winter, no crack of dawn shovelling - just drive over it. Cons: can't fit three car seats.

Option 3: Pros: tinted windows, moon roof, cut through the snow with no problems, look pretty damn cool while doing it. Cons: cold bum in the winter, can't fit three car seats.

Option 4: Not shown. Pros: fits three car seats, similar RAV4 to above except you can cut through the snow and six friends can sit inside with you while you do it.

I have no idea what we are going to do. Not thrilled we have to do this as our intention was always to drive my RAV4 into the ground. :( Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
I hate car problems! Car shopping is fun but scary too. Good Luck!