day 266 {cheerio squares}

Today Ava and I did some baking. We made Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars. The verdict? Delicious. I had two squares and the only negative I could find about this recipe is that my jaw was sore halfway through the second one. They are very chewy but a nice alternative to rice krispie squares.

The hardest part of the whole thing was keeping the kids out of the bowl of honey nut cheerios. Every two seconds they were in it and shoving fistfuls in their mouths.

The finished squares (excuse the terrible picture):

I've noticed a real change in Ethan over the past few days. He has become very affectionate with everyone. He now grabs a hold of both sides of my face with his hands and gives me a big kiss on the lips repeatedly. He's been very snuggly around bedtime and was snuggled up against me for at least a half an hour last night before bed. That's not out of character for Owen, but it is for Ethan who doesn't usually sit still for more than thirty seconds.

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
I've had the cheerio bars before and they are good.
The pictures of Ethan are adorable!
Amy Lightfoot said…
Maybe you got the boys mixed up when they woke up and it really was Owen and not Ethan!!! Just kidding.
Hope all is well with you guys. The boys sure are growing up fast.
Anonymous said…
My Girls Love Cheerio squares! and they are super easy to make eh? MMM...I should make them this week since we haven't had them for a while...
tconlan said…
Love the puppy hug pics!! beautiful and so sweet! Honey nut cheerios in those squares?! YUM!