day 271 {and the winner is...}

The 2010 Toyota Corolla (which coincidentally Jason makes five days a week at work). Lower payments and fuel efficiency won over all wheel drive and sitting up higher on the road. Here's the car we bought in silver:

We ordered magnetic grey and signed papers at the dealership tonight. We loved the Venza but couldn't justify the extra money considering that its primary purpose is for commuting and we won't be able to carry the three kids in it until at least Ava is out of a car seat. We are still 4.5 years away from that happening.

The finance guy seemed surprised to hear we had three kids. As much as I would love to think it's because he thinks we have a youthful appearance, somehow I suspect it was more along the lines of him wondering how in the hell we are going to fit all of our kids in it.

Thanks for looking!