day 272 {so long, farewell}

Today was the RAV4's last day in our driveway. It was the first brand new car I had ever owned. We bought it in 2003 and it was cutting edge at the time because it was a special edition called the "Chili" that came with a CD player that played MP3s. As a sign of the times, the new car not only comes with a CD player that plays MP3s, but it is also wired for satellite radio and has special auxillary plugs for an iPod.

Anyway, on this very sad occasion I give you the official tally:

Number of grills lost along the way: 1

Number of weeks we had it before it was dinged in a parking lot by some jerk in a white car: 3

Number of times I almost took the side out of it backing out of the garage: 1. (I slid coming out of the garage during a snowstorm.)

Number of payments made: 60 payments of $603.75

Amount of time we owned it free and clear: 1 year and eight months.

Number of days I hated the RAV4: 60. Every day the payments came out of my bank account.

Number of trips it made racing to the hospital with a swearing pregnant lady in labour inside: 1

Number of trips it made in a snowstorm racing a massive pregnant lady to the hospital to be induced: 1

Number of nights I slept in it because I refused to sleep in an ant infested camping trailer: 2

So long my friend. I will think of you fondly when I get stuck in the driveway on my way to work and have to shovel my way out. I'll remember the good old days when I was able to just plow through it and drive on.

Thanks for looking!