Day 276 {keith urban concert}

Today was a great day. It was girls' night out in Toronto. We went to see Keith Urban play at the Air Canada Centre. It was the last night of the Canadian leg of his tour.

There are very few artists that I would pay money to see in concert. Keeping that in mind, my sister and I have see Keith Urban live three times. He puts on a fantastic show and the money is well worth it.

Here are some little known facts:

I was pregnant both times I previously saw him in concert (2005 and 2007). NO, I was not pregnant last night when I saw him.

My mom went to a concert while she was pregnant with me. She went to see the Bee Gees and James Taylor (yes I realize this dates all parties involved lol).

There is only one other artist I have seen in concert three times: Elton John.

Thanks Mel for these fantastic pictures from our seats:

Clips from our concert (not our clips - we weren't this close). Here he is singing Somebody Like You:

I Wanna Kiss a Girl:

Then he came out to a stage at the other end of the arena where we were to sing my favourite song:

Thanks for looking and thanks for a great night ladies!


Thai said…
We were there too! Centre Floor Row 10 (4th from stage actually). Our daughter had the yellow ear muffs on and got on the big screen.

One of our video clips:

This is also our 3rd time. 2005 in Hamilton, 2007 in Toronto and again this past Saturday.
I saw her on the big screen!!! Small world. What a fantastic show. We went to the same other two shows that you did too. I have to say the guitar shaped stage from the last time was more spectacular but it was a fantastic time all the same. Thanks for the links! I am off to check them out right now.