Day 277 {shopping}

Today marked the beginning of a new/old schedule for us. Jason returned to a three shift rotation for the first time since the boys were born. Tonight he started midnight shift so my parents and I took the kids shopping so he could get some sleep.

We went for lunch to Pizza Hut (thanks Mom & Dad) and then hit the stores to look for snowsuits and a bed for Ava. Here are the boys at Pizza Hut - that's Ethan on the left and Owen on the right.

Owen drinking with his straw. This was just before he discovered the straw could be removed and the water could be easily poured all over the place.

Ethan smiling at Grandad who he continues to be pretty attached to:

At the end of the day we came home with three snowsuits but the hunt for a big girl bed continues. The kids were pretty good while we were out. There were moments though like the boys screaming bloody murder repeatedly in unison at Walmart like I was abducting them and then laughing when everybody in the store turned to look. That was hilarious (insert sarcasm here).

That was it for today. Thanks for looking!