Day 284 {pumpkin patch}

Today was a busy day. It was freezing outside but the sun was shining so we managed to check something off the list - our trip to Stroms pumpkin patch. Stroms is expensive but it's a yearly tradition that we go there.

The kids looked awesome when we left. Everybody was colour coordinated and looked great. Then two things happened. First we realized how cold it was inside. By the time winter additional layers were added we looked like a rainbow exploded. Case in point my ridiculous pink sweater/green vest ensemble below (that's Ethan on my lap). Secondly, Ethan threw up in the car on the way there. :(

It was the quickest trip to Stroms ever. I am sure we weren't there more than a half an hour. It was so cold and the boys were miserable. Sure it looks like we're having a good time. Ethan's pulling the wagon and Owen and Ava are searching for pumpkins.

Ethan even got to go for a ride in the wagon.

But it was not all smiles and fun. In between there was a lot of this:

And a whole lot of this:

But in between those moments the kids enjoyed it. Especially Ava. She was right into it and picked out our pumpkins.

Owen people watching:

And later on the run:

Ethan hanging out:

The cost of two ridiculously overpriced pumpkins: $13.80. Unbelievable but an important part of our fall routine.

Another part of our routine? Playing "I spy and can you find" with Ava in the backseat of the van:

After that it was home to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We were home long enough for the boys to have a nap and for me to make four dozen cookies before heading back out. My baking assistants were once again there to help me:

It's amazing how different two kids can be. Up until Ava turned three, every time I turned on the electric mixer Ava would dive under a chair and hide. Owen likes to dance while it's running.

Then we were off to Thanksgiving but the light was starting to fade by then so I didn't take any pictures of it. Anyway, it was such a busy day. Thanks for looking!