Day 285 {photo shoot}

Remember this couple? Two years ago I did engagement pictures for them and my dad and I did their wedding a few months afterwards. On the holiday Monday I went to their house to take pictures of them and their beautiful little girl J. It's been a while since I did a photo shoot outside of my own kids so it was really nice to get out. Unfortunately things are so busy right now that it is the only photo shoot I will be doing this fall. I just don't have the time right now and have too many things on the go. Thanks guys for a great afternoon!

She was so adorable and so much fun to take pictures of. She looked every time I asked her to and was such a joy to work with.

As far as my project 365 goes, here's one of the only pictures I took of my family today. Ava and I went for a walk to my parents' house. While mom and I went for a walk, Ava had popcorn with Grandad. I suspect he didn't get to eat much of it. ;)

Thanks for looking!