Day 286 {walmart run}

Today was an interesting day. It was a long day at work for me wrapping up marketing award entries but it seemed much longer because it is getting darker much earlier.

On the way to work in the new car I heard a rock ping somewhere off the metal. Not good. Then I had one of the worst drives home I have ever had. I was following behind a white van on one of the city streets (two lanes each side of the road). He kept braking and slowing down, braking and slowing down. So I pulled out to pass him just as I did, he decided to PULL A U-TURN across four lanes of traffic. Good news is the brakes work and so does the horn. Bad news is I left about an inch of rubber on Edinburgh Road. Another foot and I would have smashed up the car big time. Number of expletives that flew out of my mouth? Too many to count. The air was blue.

Still swearing, I ended up here:

for a Walmart milk run. I saw a woman with really hideous plaid leggings on and was reminded of my new obsession. If you like people watching, check this out - it's hilarious. If you become a fan on Facebook you'll see in your newsfeed every time they post and they post several times a day. You won't believe the people and the outfits they wear. This site makes me want to quit my day job and just hang out in Walmart people watching.

After that, I headed for home and the fun continued. Number of racoons that almost bit it running out from the ditch? One. Number of loose manhole covers I drove over? One. What a crappy drive. It's probably good that I don't plan to leave town the next two days. Luck is definitely not on my side. Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Glad you didn't smash your new car! I was recently sent an e-mail with several pictures of the people of Walmart. Hilarious!