Day 287 {exercise class}

As I type this I have just had a three hour nap on the couch and can already tell I am going to be incredibly sore the next few days. Tonight was week two of "Total Body Conditioning" with Sara. I am so tired and I am sore already. Tomorrow could be a rough day but if I come out of this 8 week program with a flat stomach it will all be worth it.

It's a blast from the past during the class. It's held in the gym of the old high school I used to go to. The school has since been turned into a public school. The gym looks much the same minus the large house league murals on the wall. I was remembered of the days I was a Cougar. We were terrible and won very little the five years I was there (keeping in mind high school was then five years instead of the four it is now - didn't want you to think I failed or anything).

I attended many a dance in this gym. I may even have done the running man in this gym. I was the winter carnival princess in this gym (it was later revealed that I was only chosen because I weighed 98 lbs soaking wet and was the lightest person to pull across the football field in the physical events). I even wore a nerdy band cumberbund and bow tie in this gym. Oh to go back to the days when I was a very different type of cougar than the one I am now lol.

This picture was taken after almost everyone had left after the class. Sure I could have taken a picture of all of us doing the "fire hydrant" exercise (use your imagination on that one), but doing so would have resulted in me getting my ass kicked.

Thanks for looking!