Day 288 {happy birthday jason}

Today was a busy day and the kids had me on the run. I knew it was going to happen so I decided to start the day relaxing with a nice cup of tea.

It wasn't so relaxing and I ended up wearing most of it. What didn't spill all over me I drank in the kitchen while Owen stole the remote control

and Ethan tried to make himself a coffee.

There were some moments that weren't crazy though. The three kids actually played together quietly for about ten minutes making a fort in the living room. Ten minutes of peace is the equivalent of a week's vacation in this house.

Ava and I did some baking. We made Cowgirl Cookies. The verdict? No idea as I didn't eat any of them. They looked kind of dry to me though so I think they'd be best served with a big glass of milk.

It was Jason's 35th birthday today. Happy birthday! Not much of a birthday when you are on midnights and sleeping all day though. While Daddy was sleeping, Ava and I made cupcakes to celebrate.

Thanks for looking!