Day 291 {baking marathon}

Today was a great day but busy again with lots of stuff to do. For breakfast I tried a new crepe recipe. My dad is the crepe master and I love his recipe but I wanted to try this one out since it has so many great reviews. The verdict? Fantastic. It has the same ingredients as my dad's, but slightly different proportions and the addition of vanilla makes them great (I always fill my crepes with melted chocolate chips. Everybody else in the house likes syrup on theirs. I like them with chocolate chips and currants and instead of syrup I sprinkle mine with lemon juice and white sugar like my dad. Delicious.)

Later on in the morning I was thrilled to discover that one of the best Alfred Hitchcock movies was on: North by Northwest. I love Cary Grant and I love North by Northwest so I sat down to watch. About a third of the way through I see Ethan's reflection in the tv as he is trying to climb onto the counter:

Check it out - his timing was perfect. Even Cary Grant is wondering what the hell this kid is doing. A few minutes later the boys would team up and shut off the receiver to the satellite. It took me five minutes to get the movie back. During that time I missed the best part of the whole movie - the crop dusting scene. Even if you haven't seen this movie I am sure you have seen the crop dusting scene before. It's a classic:

After that I spent the afternoon baking with my mom and Ava to use up the apples we picked yesterday. We made caramel apples:

I made my first apple pie. Scratch that. My first pie period:

By that time we were on a roll so I made applesauce and peeled the remaining apples for freezing. Then my mom taught me how to make my Nan's famous yorkshires to go with the roast we had cooking. An easy enough thing to make but the process is pretty particular if you don't want them to end up like hockey pucks which ours did not:

That was it. It was a great day. My hands are sore from peeling apples and I am still stuffed as I type this, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks for looking and thanks for a great day Mom!


Flohbock said…
However, oh... I love Creps... I think I come too late...:o)