Day 293 {sunroof}

Not much happening today. The weather has been nice so the moon roof in the new car has been getting some use. Unfortunately it's been years since I've had one so I don't remember it's open. A really good picture of the day would have been the inside of the car covered in frost Sunday morning when Jason left for curling. Oops. But seriously that would have been a cool picture. ;)

I am a simple person. I'm pretty easy going and my wish list of things I want to achieve in life isn't huge. But once, just once, I'd like to be able to offer a guest a kleenex out of a box that doesn't look like this:

We got a very nice surprise from my sister today. Check out the cool cupcakes she made. The ghost is made out of fondant icing. Wow. Great job Mel! They were delicious.

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Cute cupcakes! The day will be here before you know it, that your kleenex box stays looking good. :)
Andrea said…
LOL My Kleenex box looks the same way. Although Ty likes getting into the wipes box even more than Kleenex!