Day 303 {pumpkin carving}

Today was a good day. We had a pumpkin carving contest at work. The winner? The pumpkin the second from the left. For all of you saying but the second one from the right should have won. It's brilliant with the bat flying out of the pumpkin and the lid propped behind to look like the moon. Yes that was the one Checco and I made and yes, we were robbed. ;)

I took in some cookies. Lesson of the day: iced cookies take forever to set. When in doubt leave it longer because apparently 8 hours still isn't long enough because they got smushed. :(

After dinner my mom and dad came over for our yearly pumpkin carving night. I was not impressed to discover the $14 worth of pumpkins we bought at Stroms had already started to decompose on our steps and had mushy tops. Luckily they were still good enough to carve and the seeds were still good.

Nana entertained the boys with pumpkin slime. :)

The masterpieces. Ava's creation is on the left. The one on the right is mine.

Thanks for looking!