Day 304 {trick or treating}

Here are the kids ready for trick or treating. Unfortunately by the time I got started taking pictures there was very little light left. Story of my life lately and it's only going to get worse now that the clocks have fallen back.

Here they are in their costumes. Ava was a bunny rabbit, Ethan was a giraffe and Owen was a skunk (thanks again Tricia and Checco!).

All three kids loved their costumes so other than a few initial balance problems

they made out great. We did the car run first to Grandma & Grandpa's house

and then back to town to do the neighbourhood. Next stop - taking in a good haul at Nana & Grandad's house:

Our street. It was busy at times but I'll bet we didn't even have 50 kids. It was damp and really cold and some people are really riled up about H1N1 and didn't let their kids go out so maybe that factored into it.

The best part about trick or treating: the candy sorting. Not a bad haul for three cute kids, huh:

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Looks like the kids had a blast! Love the pumpkin carving and the cookies look very tasty!!
Thanks, Sheri! It was a really good night and I was impressed at how smoothly it went with three very busy kids outside on the loose at the same time. ;) Thank goodness it didn't rain!