Day 306 {daylight savings time}

Ugh. Daylight savings time. As much as I love the extra hour of sleep, I hate this time of year. It doesn't matter what time I leave work at night, it is pitch black outside. Here are two pictures from my ride home. These pictures were taken at 5:25 pm but it felt like it was three in the morning.

Anybody know how to change the clock in a 2010 Corolla? I have no idea and don't feel like reading the manual.

Anyway, not only do the really bad drivers come out at night, but many of the people on the road seem to forget how to drive at night. It didn't help that it was also raining. As a result I did 65 km/hr a good chunk of the way home stuck behind such an individual and saw somebody else run a stop sign, crossing three lanes of traffic and narrowly missing oncoming cars in both directions. He can do that because of course he has his lights on and surely everyone can see him right? Meathead.

Hmmm...the lack of daylight seems to have made me slightly irritable. It doesn't help that not only does the caliber of drivers lower after sunset but so does the music on the radio. Here's a recent gem I keep hearing:

Seriously?! I don't know who you are "George Lamond" but this remake of the Journey classic is a crime against humanity. Just because you have a Yamaha keyboard with a factory dance beat it doesn't mean you can go around crucifying the classics. This remake ranks up there with one of the worst ones I have ever heard.

Thanks for looking!