Day 307 {full moon}

Daylight savings time (or is it non-daylight savings time), day two. Photo taken at 6:30 pm on my way home from work. The moon and clouds looked really cool so I pulled over to take a picture. It was a refreshing change from the all of the full moons of a very different variety I have been seeing almost daily on the People of Walmart site.

Tons of winners out on the road as people still figure out how to drive at night again. Number of pedestrians I saw almost hit by a car: one. Number of houses with Christmas decorations up and lit: one. Come on people. I still have pumpkins sitting in my porch and Sparky Griswold's got his entire property lit up twenty minutes away.

Anyway, my picture is also a reminder than in 16 days the second movie in the Twilight franchise - New Moon, comes out. Here's hoping it is way better than the first movie which was a complete travesty.

Anyway, it appears I am still irritable due to daylight savings time however Ava made my day yesterday. She spent Sunday with her grandparents and cousins and was quite excited to tell me that she had a great time. The highlight for her was that they played her favourite music - Journey (they were playing Rock Band). God I love that kid. It just goes to show that she is retaining at least some of what I am teaching her. She of course is not talking about the "George Lamond" train wreck I spoke of yesterday. She's talking the real deal:

Sing it Steve Perry.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
I'm so glad to hear Ava had fun. She was so good. The girls loved having her over. Journey is my kids favourite music on Rockband and I can't help be agree with them.
Thanks for having her over! She had a fantastic time and hasn't stopped talking about it. She keeps asking me when Natalia and Emma are coming for a sleepover. :)
Flohbock said…
amazing moonphoto!
Mari said…
Those moon shots are incredible!
Karen E. said…
Awesome pictures of the moon! I am so sad that I missed Shannon and the girls. Wonder if I can get on the invite list to play ;)