Day 308 {princess scarlett}

A pretty uneventful day off full of laundry, baking and cooking. I have become far more domesticated than I figured I ever would be. Impressive.

Anyway, not many pictures today. I just snapped these two of Ava playing with Scarlett.

I made no bake cookies that were absolutely amazing. I didn't take a picture because the light was fading as I made them and by the time I remembered to take pictures of them today they were gone. Anyway, they were peanut butter and chocolate. Need I say more? They were called No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies. Here's the recipe. I was looking for a macaroon recipe and I was drawn to this one because first of all it has peanut butter in it and secondly it doesn't have coconut. It's a definite keeper and they took no time to make.

Later in the evening Ava got her usual one song of her choice played from the computer room after lights out. Her choice tonight?

Kid's got good taste. Thanks for looking!