Day 309 {dance party}

Lots of stuff going on today and lots of pictures. I tried to capture my morning routine with the kids. Six out of seven days a week it's me getting them going and it's pretty much exactly the same every day.

We start the day by Ava coming in and waking me up by asking me if it's morning. Then she talks to me and bugs me until I get up. I take my shower while she watches tv. Then she goes into the bathroom to put on her "makeup" so she "looks pretty" (pretending - I don't actually let her put it on). No idea where this infatuation comes from as I own makeup but very rarely wear it. Anyway, here she is putting on her blush and curling her eyelashes lol.

There was an accident in the wee hours of the morning and I couldn't get into the boys' room to get Ava another pair of pjs so she's wearing my nightgown. I used to wear it when I was pregnant with the boys and my pants didn't fit anymore. It was more of a miniskirt on me by the time it got over my belly. I love how you can see her little toes sticking out in the second picture.

Anyway, onto the schedule. Around this time the boys are starting to wake up. For the longest time I was unable to tell the boys from their cries with the door shut. Now it's getting a lot easier because there is a pattern. Ethan is the alarm clock jumping in his bed and calling out

while Owen stays under the covers until the last possible second.

This morning we woke up to our first snowfall of the year. Technically it's not the first flakes to fly as that's happened a couple of times, but this is the first time it has stayed on the ground.

The kids were excited to see it and Ava wanted to run outside and catch it on her tongue. It was nice to see the snow flying. The only reason I am saying that is I heard next week it will be going up to 13 C and it will long gone by then. That's Ethan on the right looking out his bedroom window from the change table.

After breakfast Ava brought down colouring books so she could colour with "her boys". Unfortunately it always results in crayons getting chewed, Ava's pictures being destroyed and everybody crying. Poor Ava. I need to get her playing with kids her age.

The kids came up with a new place to play. Here are Ava and Owen playing "sleepy time" on the bookcase.

Lunch was fun. I've been looking for some new ideas for lunches for the kids and came up with PBB & J "sushi" for the boys (not the most appetizing looking):

and Ava had a muffin tin lunch. I keep hearing about these from my friend Chrissy. It was fun to put together and Ava loved it. I think it was the whole concept of eating your lunch and your dessert at the same time. She had cheddar bits crackers, no bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies (I guess I did get a picture after all), smarties, banana, fruit loops, applesauce, cheese and yogourt. She did really well and ate almost everything. I think I need to buy a six muffin pan though as the 12 was a bit much and Ava was full 3/4 of the way through.

She loved it and it was a huge hit.

Other than that it was spaghetti sauce making day. That's usually uneventful but the house ends up smelling fantastic.

This was the highlight of the day. The kids and I had a dance party. We spent a half an hour dancing around the living room spinning and laughing. Turns out the boys are quite the dancers, especially Ethan. The picture on the left is Ava dancing with Owen. Ethan only dances with his mommy. :)

The song we danced to? One of our favourites:

It was a busy day but a good one. Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Wow, what a busy day! I think that I might be able to handle the sushi they boys had for lunch ;) Ava's lunch looked yummy. You could get the mini muffin tins. They won't hold much more than 3 teaspoons of applesauce. Love the pics of the dance party!
Flohbock said…
Great photos! Have a nice weekend! Love the music!
ChrissyW said…
yay for muffin tin meals!!! love your pics - always!
Mari said…
Ava looks adorable in that nightgown! I love the sushi lunch too.